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Here I am in Costa Rica, in a town called Quepos.†† Quepos is where I lived for a month while learning Spanish in Manuel Antonio, CR.. Read about me.

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of Learning Spanish††††

 Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish quickly and well enough to travel in Spanish speaking countries like Costa Rica?

 Has a lack of Spanish Language skills held you back from traveling?

 Do you want preparation tips and techniques for Spanish immersion before you leave?

 Are you looking for Spanish language resources to help you prepare?

Look no more! This Spanish Immersion site will help you with all of the above.††† Check out our Spanish Learning gadgets and Spanish Travel Articles to help you learn.† See our affiliate immersion partner .† And watch the Spanish Immersion video below!Or see the video on big screen!

Here at Spanish Immersion Online, we want to help you learn Spanish and make your Spanish immersion trip rewarding .† We have links to popular immersion programs, Spanish translators, and the story of your host - Eric - who completed a fabulous Spanish immersion experience in 2006.† We hope you come back often and learn from this site.† To learn more about Eric, and his one month trip to Costa Rica, see Ericís story and photos.

Spanish Immersion Fact:† In three weeks of an immersion program, you can learn much more than 3 years in a traditional Spanish study program.

Come back for more Spanish Immersion contentóthe site has just started up and will keep improving!

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Our Mission:† To give you the best information and the best sponsored advertising to prepare you to learn Spanish, either in the US or abroad.†

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